Please choose from the list of manufacturers below:

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We will populate the areas following the simple rules below:

The simple rule:

1) If the tool listing required has no information or detail then this means we haven't started on that tool yet, please ask as it may already be on our list of tools to look at next.

2) If it has a sketch from the catalogue then it means we have started on the feasibility study.

3) If there is a screen shot of the CAD model this means we have started manufacturing and saleable tooling is imminent.

4) A photograph of the tool means it is ready for purchase. 

Please note:  To a certain extent we know what will sell in larger quantities, ie more demand from people in need of a specific special service tool, this will of course drive the way we conduct our feasibilty study forwards into manufacturing.

This process may take quite a while, however it is a labour or love and our passion to remanufacture the special service tooling required to fix your classic or vintage vehicle.

Yes we are also looking into the tooling boards and have conducted a study in to the feasibility of remanufacture, we are waiting on samples and costings.

And yes we have VL Churchill mugs, we need our tea and coffee like everyone else.